Your Rough Collie Health Guide

The Collie Health Guide website has been created to provide you with relevant information to equip you with the skills and awareness to look after your Rough Collie dogs health. I can safely assume that since you are reading this, that you also have a love and appreciation of Collie dogs just like I do.

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Although perhaps a little biased, its fair to say that Rough Collie dogs compare very well to most breeds of dogs on most important criteria when considering buying a dog. The attributes of the Collie dog are hard to rival.

Collies are intelligent, trustworthy, gentle yet protective, courageous, very trainable and willing to learn, have an incredible pride and presence, and make excellent family pets. They are great with kids – although since their origins are in sheep herding, don’t be surprised if they start herding them!

Rough Collie dogs make excellent companions too, they love attention and are one of the most athletic and agile breeds you will find anywhere. They make excellent rescue dogs, and can be trained to be excellent sporting and hunting dogs to rival the best of Retrievers, Pointers or Setters.

The Collie Health Guide is committed to helping you not only learn more about your dog, but also learn more about yourself as a Collie dog owner.

The relationship between an owner and his or her dog is an intimate one and as such, the more understanding and awareness you can develop, the much happier and richer your relationship together will be.

Collie dogs are successfully used as rescue dogs due to their athleticism, as guide dogs for the blind, and lets not forget that they are also not indifferent to the spotlight either – Lassie being the obvious example!

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As most of us would already know, Rough Collie dogs come in various colors that include; white, sable white, tricolor and blue merle. They are also known as, and often called, Long Haired Collie dogs. Whatever color or name you append to your dog, the Collie Health Guide will be a valuable resource for you and your dog.

This website focuses on many of the Collie issues and Rough Collie problems that can arise with these dogs. Take the time to familiarize yourself with them.

Also take the time to peruse the product reviews that focus in on the very best books and training programs that are available for you and your Collie dog. They come highly recommended and save you the time, money and effort in looking for them yourself.

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I look forward to sharing these things with you and adding value to your life in helping you with your Rough Collies health and your training together.

All the very best

The Collie Health Guide Team



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