Collie Drugs And Medications To Avoid

Although Collies are incredibly resilient dogs and were bred to deal with herding sheep in the weather extremes of highland country, there are some issues that these dogs are particularly prone to. Their sensitivity to certain drugs like Ivermectin and Imodium are good examples of this. These are just two of the Collie drugs and medications to avoid.

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It probably comes as no surprise either that some drugs used for chemotherapy have the same impact on Collies.

Whilst not all Collies are affected by these drugs, a good percentage are. The estimation is that somewhere around a third of the population have a sensitivity to these drugs.

The consequences of exposure to these drugs for this percentage of Collies involves seizures and possible death. It is estimated that around half of all Collies actually carry the affected genes.

The good news is that around 20% of Collies do not have any intolerance or allergic reactions to these drugs at all. What is also happening is that breeders are deliberately breeding theses diseases out of the Collie populations. In time this will not be the big issues that it is now.

For those owners who are genuinely concerned about their Collie health, a simple genetic test can be done. This is done by taking a cheek swab, so it is totally non invasive and will not cause your Collie any stress.

What has been reported is that new medications are in the development phase to replace drugs such as Imodium and Ivermectin. That said, medications do take time to get to the market, so best not to pin your hopes on any short term developments.

This article is not about to get into too much scientific detail as this is the domain of the scientists and the specialists in these areas. What can be said though is that you really do need to be vigilant and cautious with any drug being offered or administered to your Collie.

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Make sure that your veterinarian is fully aware of your Collie health status, and regardless of whether your veterinarian knows or not, do not take any chances with this. Tell them about Ivermectin and Imodium and Collies.

The above Collie drugs and medications to avoid are to be taken seriously. Do not guess your dogs resilience or tolerance unless you have had a genetic test done and given the all clear to administer these drugs and medications by a professional.

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