Collie Shedding

Collie shedding is an unavoidable fact of life that comes with owning a Collie. Like other long haired and shedding breeds, this means dog hair will get distributed at times throughout your house and your car – and wherever your four legged companion goes. However this does not have to be a big issue or a major problem. If managed properly, Collie shedding can be dealt with easily enough.

There is a little bit of conjecture regarding how often you should groom or brush your Collie. The passionate enthusiasts say everyday. Generally speaking a consensus of anywhere between once a week to once a fortnight is okay as well. The more the better but it isn’t necessary. As a general rule of thumb, less time is needed for brushing in the Summer months.

Collie females shed their hair generally once, and sometimes twice a year. They also shed after about six weeks after they have had puppies. Males usually shed just once a year and this is generally in the Summer. Collie shedding can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks.

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Collies have a double coat. That is, they have a rough outer coat layer and a thinner flatter inner coat that aids in insulation and body temperature regulation. Some owners cut or shave this coat – the rule of thumb is to comb not cut. Remember that clipping the hair does not stop your Collie shedding. Shaving your Collies coat may cause some health issues as the insulation qualities that keep your Collie warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer will have been removed.

Some Collie owners get professional grooming help at these times, however in most cases this doesn’t need to take a lot of time. You just need the right tools and the right information.

The tools  you need to help you with your Collie shedding issues:

  • Pin brush.
  • Slicker brush.
  • Wide tooth comb.
  • Scissors.
  • Spray bottle.
  • Towels.

Its important to know that you should rarely, if ever, comb your Collies coat dry. This can cause coat breakage.  Lightly spray your Collies coat before brushing Рthere are specially formulated grooming sprays, however plain water is fine. Bathing your Collie is also a good idea, just remember that this can get messy! You will need a lot of towels for this job but it is worth it as it will get rid of a lot of those hairs that would have ended up in your house.

From your Collies health perspective, brushing the dead hair away is actually very good for your dog. This can dramatically reduce the risk of hot spots that can happen when dead hair is left on your Collie. Brushing allows new hair growth to grow much more rapidly.

Collie shedding does not have to be a major headache for Collie owners. If you regularly groom your Collie the shedding will not be a major concern as the coat will be healthy anyway. It also helps that you have a wonderful breed of dog that is generally quiet and clean around the house anyway.

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